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QDrops Statement on Apple App Store Removal

July 30, 2018

On Sunday, July 15, 2018, following six previously successful reviews by Apple, and thousands of five-star reviews by satisfied users, Apple removed the QDrops app from their App Store.

This move came a day before NBC News released an exceptionally biased article regarding our app; an article that we feel intentionally sought to mislead and pressure both Apple and Google into removing QDrops from their platforms.

NBC’s inaccurate hit piece absurdly labeled our app “an offshoot of pizzagate”, and in a follow-up article, NBC attempted to compare interest in QAnon to the “Ku Klux Klan” and “Nazis”.

The article was released on July 16, the day of President Trump’s highly-covered meeting with President Putin, and was given prominence on the NBC News homepage, displayed just below the top story throughout the day. It was also given televised coverage on both NBC and MSNBC, where the same politically-motivated narrative was promoted.

Citing offensive content, Apple offered suggestions for modifying our app to comply with their concerns surrounding filtration and moderation of content.

After complying with all of Apple’s requests, spending a great deal of time and money modifying the app, and additional reviews by the App Store, Apple rejected all of our efforts, ultimately denying approval of the updated app.

We filed a final, three-page appeal to the Apple App Store Review Board, which was denied three minutes after it was submitted.

We respect Apple’s right to be selective in terms of content distributed through their App Store. However, we note that mainstream apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, all provide identical content, at a far greater magnitude than QDrops, on a daily basis.

As lifelong Apple evangelists, and long-time iOS developers, we are especially disheartened by Apple’s decision to remove QDrops. We are equally dismayed that Apple would bow to pressure based upon biased, activism-based journalism by NBC.

We remain hopeful that Apple will eventually reconsider the status of our popular app, or read our appeal letter. Our users, many of whom are devout fans of Apple, deserve it.

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