QDrops Features

The original and top-rated app for privately reviewing and analyzing Q Anon. Available for Android; formerly available for iOS.
Apple Removal StatementAvailable on the Play Store

Definitive Q Resource

QDrops, available for Apple iOS and Android, is the original app enabling smartphone users to follow Q Anon safely and privately. Q followers no longer have to spend time visiting a range of websites or sifting through pages of posts to discover the latest drops.

Includes push-notifications for each drop made by Q, a searchable archive of Q’s entire posting history and an expansive glossary of Q terms to help in decoding, QDrops is the definitive, most-trusted smartphone platform for staying Q-informed.

Key Features

Follow, research and analyze Q Anon effortlessly.


Push Notifications

Receive a notification and instantly view each new drop from Q Anon.

Searchable Archive

View and search the entire history of QDrops from the beginning.

Q Lexicon

Includes a glossary of terms and acronyms used by Q.

Effortless Sharing

Easily share drop details via text, email or social media.


New Feature: Save individual drops to a list of favorites.

Record Analysis

Record your own notes and analysis on each drop.

QDrops Screenshots

The #1 trusted app for viewing Q posts safely and privately.

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