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Redpill with ease…

QDrops is the original app for iOS and Android devices that allows you to easily follow commentary posted by Q Anon (Who is Q?) securely and privately. Q is an anonymous author, and purported U.S. government insider, who has been posting cryptic messages detailing alleged political corruption since October 2017.

Featuring push-notifications for each drop made by Q, a searchable archive of Q’s entire posting history and an expansive glossary of Q terms to help in decoding, QDrops is the definitive, most-trusted platform for staying Q-informed.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact us.
Who are you and why are you doing this?
We’re a husband and wife team who decided to make QDrops when some fellow Patriots came to us asking for an easier way to redpill folks. “Redpill with ease!” is our motto.
Why should I pay for access to Q's messages?
You’re not. You’re paying $1 for the convenience of having a professionally developed tool that allows you to more easily follow, research and analyze Q’s messages, all from the palm of your hand.
Are you profiting from the Q movement?
Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store take 30% of our $1 download price. We pay taxes on the remaining $0.70, while paying monthly for app hosting infrastructure, offering free updates, and responding to support inquiries, all while working day jobs. We’re American citizens with a sincere loyalty to Q and the Great Awakening.
Does your app collect my personal data in any way?
QDrops does not collect any personal information from you or your device whatsoever. Period.
Do you charge for updates or have subscriptions?
No. All updates are free. There are no recurring charges/subscriptions for the use of QDrops.
Is this an outside comm?
No. Our app simply documents all Q posts, without comment, to preserve the integrity of Q’s message.
Why don't I have a Q post today?
Sometimes Q posts daily, even multiple times within the same day. Other times he goes for several days at a time with no posts. No one knows when Q will post.
Can I access Q's posts offline?
Yes, you may view the text of all drops even if offline.
What if something is not in the Lexicon?
Please send us an email using the Feedback tab listing the term, it’s meaning and a reference by Q for it, if possible. Broadly speaking, we try to only add terms that have reached general consensus in the Q community as to their meanings but we will consider any that are sent to us.

Peace of Mind

Stay informed, safely, securely and privately.


Safe to Use

QDrops was created by a husband and wife team with over two decades of programming experience.


Securely Engineered

Our apps undergo rigorous testing/review by both Apple and Google before being allowed near your device.


Completely Private

QDrops does not collect (nor request) any personal information from you or your device. Period.

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