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Experienced developers; American Patriots.
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Stay the Course

QDrops was created by Tiger Team, Inc., a U.S.-based husband and wife team with over twenty years of software development experience.

QDrops was designed to allow users to more easily follow QAnon, an anonymous author who provides commentary on alleged political corruption.

Visit our Features page to learn more about using QDrops, and visit our Reviews page to see why users are calling our app “Historic” and a “Must-have” tool for following QAnon.

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Peace of Mind

Stay informed, safely, securely and privately.

Safe to Use

QDrops was created by a husband and wife team with over two decades of programming experience.

Securely Engineered

Our apps undergo rigorous testing/review by both Apple and Google before being allowed near your device.

Completely Private

QDrops does not collect (nor request) any personal information from you or your device. Period.

What People are Saying

Verified reviews from Apple iOS and Google Android users.

“Simple and Powerful!”

“It is well worth $0.99. Its simple interface is intuitive…thank you for a terrific app!” – jca*****

“Excited about this!”

“THANK YOU for putting this information all in one easy to read and manage app!.” – Eli*****


“This app is indispensable for following Q Posts. Well worth $0.99!” – n8k*****

“Historic App!”

“I love that I receive a notification every time Q drops! This app is exactly what I was hoping for!” – Fea*****

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